New Lebanon Baloney

A hand-crafted, all-beef sausage fermented and cold-smoked with love in New Lebanon, N.Y.

Our story

Phoebe Young created and makes New Lebanon Baloney. It starts with Randall beef raised by Cynthia Creech, and it continues onto your table. Read more ›


New Lebanon Baloney is fermented with the same healthy bacteria that creates yogurt. It's called Lactobacillus. The fermentation brings the pH of the baloney down to about 4.2 and imparts a wonderfully unique tang.

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New Lebanon Baloney is smoked for four full days at about 90 degrees and 80 percent humidity, using mostly cherry and hickory with just a touch of mesquite at the end. Cold-smoking keeps the baloney semi-dry and imparts a fabulous smokey flavor.

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Locally produced

New Lebanon Baloney is crafted exclusively from Randall beef, an extremely rare American heritage breed raised locally by Cynthia Creech. The rich, earthy flavor of Randall beef gives the baloney its incredible depth.

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